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Friday, January 7, 2011

Princesses and Baby Dolls

One of the best things about the holiday season involved the thoughtful gifts that my daughter Isabella received from friends and family who love her so much.  I'd like to share two of these very thoughtful gifts that will contribute to her openness and understanding of the highbred nation...

One gift from Isabella's grandmother (affectionately known as 'Mimi') was this darling little doll from Corolle.  Calin Yang is a 12" doll with Asian features.  Isabella has dolls with White or Black or Latina features, but this is her first Asian doll!  I am really excited about the growing diversity of her collection of babies.  Currently, she is equally excited about them all. 

This is the Calin Yang doll from Corolle. Corolle

While Bella looks very different now, she looked a lot like this doll when she was born.

My sweet girl  the day she was born: May 2, 2009.  The best day ever!

Bella's aunt Kim (one of my close friends) gave her a wonderful book called: Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?


This is a really sweet book about best friends who have a playdate and do all kinds of fun and cool stuff.  It is not super girly, even though they are princesses.  It shows that girls can do whatever - princesses can get muddy and build stuff and have adventures and be good friends.  And I especially love that they just happen to be a little pink girl and a little brown girl - because princesses are diverse too!

I am so glad that we have people in our lives who will nourish Isabella's hybrid world.

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