These are my personal ramblings on life through the lens of my multiracial/multicultural worldview... and probably other stuff too...

About Highbred Nation

Welcome to Highbred Nation!  An obvious play on words (hybrid).  'High' can be defined as:  exceeding the common degree or measure; strong.  'Bred (breed)' can be defined as: to cause or be the source of; give rise to;develop by training or education; sort; group.  Highbred Nation refers to the collective diversity among us and how we use that diversity to strive for acceptance, knowledge and synergy.

We all know that the world is becoming a more diverse place with each passing day.  But we also know that many of us have no idea what that means or how to navigate it.  I have been mentally working on this blog for over a year now, waiting to have the time to really devote to it.  What I have come to realize is that I never really will have the time unless I make the time.  So, here we go!

The motivation for creating this blog was born with my daughter, Isabella.  She is beautiful, smart, funny, curious and extremely persistent.  She is a multiracial little girl, comprised of white, black and asian.  I began to wonder how she would form her identity and what effect society would have on her process.  I wondered how my husband and I could make healthy contributions as she navigated the arduous road to racial identity.  And then I thought about all of the other parents who might be thinking about the same exact thing and I realized that there is a community out there that I need to connect with. 

Of course this blog is about more than Isabella and my role in her journey.  It is also about me and my experiences as a biracial (black and asian) female.  It is about my interracial marriage.  It is about considering, contemplating, exploring and sharing anything and everything related to the multiracial and multicultural experience.  It will be funny; it will be serious; it will be provoking; it will be sad; it will be comforting.  So, I invite you to open your minds and hearts and share in this journey with me.  I hope this will help me to be a better person and perhaps it will help you as well.