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Monday, January 16, 2012

Stuff People Say to Mixed People

The "Stuff" people say craze has unleashed a frenzy of videos about the experiences people have regarding race relations.  Of course I couldn't help but think it was just a matter of time before "Stuff" people say about mixed people became part of the parody circuit.  And I was right!  There are a few videos out there, but I liked this one the best:

Here is my own string of consciousness about this topic:

What are you?
Oh, you're mixed?  That must be why you have good hair.
You're half Oriental?
Oh let me guess, you're mom is Chinese.
How can you tell the difference between Asians?
Your eyes are so chinky!
You are so exotic!
Don't try to talk Black.
You talk White.
You dress White.
Are you trying to dress Black?
You're mixed?  Kind of like a mutt?
I knew you weren't like other Black people.
You think you're all that because you're light.
Wait, what are you again?
You're Black and Asian?  That's hot!  I'm gonna call you Kimora!

Okay, I think I got  it out of my system.  Well, some people are having fun with this, some people are offended and some people are actually learning.  I am hoping that we can continue to work on learning more about one another and getting more comfortable with our differences.  Let's celebrate each other and all the unique aspects of our race and culture.